About CLIPBoard

PSHI was selected by the Naval Supply Systems Command to develop CLIPBoard — a secure, mobile system for automating supply processes. The Navy fleet uses CLIPBoard to streamline its food supply management, from receiving deliveries, to stowing and locating items, to issuing provisions, to keeping inventory up to date.

On CLIPBoard’s portable platform, logistics staff can accept and account for orders in real time with a simple barcode scan. It automatically uploads data to Navy supply systems, allowing the fleet to log, track and report on its inventory with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

CLIPBoard was inspired by the success of FACET , PSHI’s document management tool that helps the Navy comply with FIAR mandates. CLIPBoard complements FACET by digitizing and automating the receipt of food orders and feeding food-supply data directly into the FACET system.




A Robust Mobile Platform

A rugged tablet includes a document scanner and integrated barcode reader.

User-Centric Design

An intuitive touch interface simplifies manual processes.

DoD Network Readiness

RMF-accredited hardware offers multiple connectivity options.




Aids FIAR Compliance

A CAC-enabled digital signature supports an auditable chain of accountability.

Improves Accuracy

Automated data entry eliminates “fat-fingering” of data.

Eliminates Paper

Data starts digital and stays digital throughout every process.

Speeds Inventory

Receiving orders is as easy as scanning the barcode and clicking “accept.”

Connects to Networks

Data automatically uploads to FSM, R-Supply, and other Navy logistics systems.


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