PSHI is the developer of FACET — a turnkey solution for document scanning, document retention and process automation. FACET is purpose-built to help the U.S. Navy comply with DoD mandates for Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR). It’s used fleet-wide to capture, index and store financial records for easy retrieval — supporting higher levels of auditability.

FACET’s high-performance scanners and intelligent software capture content from DoD standard forms and receipts. It converts paper documents into text-searchable PDFs, extracting key data and exporting it into systems of record for future analysis. FACET automates routine follow-up tasks, which frees sailors from having to perform them manually.

FACET is DoD network ready, allowing the Navy to securely upload, retain and access up to 10 years of financial data locally or on the cloud.


Watch how this smart, compact solution is helping the Navy achieve faster workflows and easier audits.




High-Speed, High-Volume Scanning

Powerful, portable scanners from Canon reliably handle up to 60 pages a minute.

Advanced Data Capture

Kofax’s capture engine uses OCR, ICR and OMR to validate data, correct and enhance images, and flag nonstandard entries.

DoD Network Readiness

FACET is DIACAP and RMF accredited and approved for use on NMCI and CANES networks.




Easier FIAR Compliance

Keeps all relevant data searchable, available and accessible for detailed analysis

Accelerated Workflows

Saves thousands of man-hours by automating data entry; speeding search and retrieval; and rapidly scanning in large batches

Stronger Security

Complies with DoD security requirements to safeguard financial data and PII

Smaller Footprint

Replaces thousands of paper files with digital documents; uses compact, light-weight technology

Greater Transparency

Supports total visibility into transaction history to prevent fraud, waste and abuse


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